"How you live your life is a reflection of how you view God"

The Entrepreneur

Although, I believe that there are many who would like to be an entrepreneur. I’m not sure that they know what it is. When people think of an entrepreneur they picture someone who is blazing new trails and making new discoveries. They envision the typical success story of that self made person who started something from nothing. This almost magical view that we have of the entrepreneur creates in our minds wonder and amazement. They inspire and motivate our hearts to declare on to ourselves “I want to be an entrepreneur.”

Let me quickly share with you three things I know about the entrepreneur. Hopefully, it will encourage you to take that inspiration and become a person of success and value to others.

First of all, entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks. While others hold back, they step forward.

Second, they also are not afraid to fail. They persist and don’t allow failure to control what they say, what they think, or what they do.

The entrepreneur’s life is controlled by hope and belief not failure.

Finally, the entrepreneur inevitably becomes the envy of others. Expect it. The late Kent Young was a business mentor of mine who once taught me a very important life lesson. He told me Alex, “People don’t mind if you get by just as long as you don’t get by them.” That’s because the person with a dream and a vision to realize that dream will often do the things that others want to do, and could have done, but won’t do.

So if you are an entrepreneur, congratulations! You stepped forward and did not allow failure to control your path and journey. Because of that, you were able to do what others could have done but were unwilling to do.

I think that is why so many of us admire the entrepreneur and hold them in such high regard.

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